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 Have your project ever your project shown up? I work with imagination and syntax so you can achieve your goals.



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From corporate reports to cosmetics catalogs, I offer a wide range of translation services. Translectal translation is my blue chip.

Copy Editing

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Consecutive interpreting is carried out without special equipment or booths, for instance, in festivals, wine cellar visits or tastings. It's perfect for small groups!

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I'm specialist in communication. Tell me your concerns. We can find out tailor made solutions for you.

Why me?

First Certificate in English, University of Cambridge


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French language certificate


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My first gig


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Graduate in Translation and Interpreting


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German language certificate


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Doctora en Traducción e Interpretación


Mi dissertation Aproximación a la traducción translectal de un corpus audiovisual de películas hispanoamericanas  (Summa cum laude)

Translation and training services


Somo of my latest projects are associated with e-commerce for entrepreneurs and software to detect frauds. However, I'm specialized in other fields, including, international Spanish